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Plain, basic mirrors are boring and dated. Give your customers the custom look they want. We make it easy.

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We provide mirrors solutions, so that you can delight your customers with:


Customized framed mirrors that are affordable and easy to source


An extensive variety of mirrors including the most popular styles


Endless customization options to make their project perfect

At Precision Frameworks, we don’t just care about framing mirrors. We care about your success — because if you’re successful, so are we. 

  • We offer the industry’s largest variety of mirror products. 
  • We ship over 250,000 mirrors annually on time, damage free and complete. 
  • We support our dealer network; never selling directly to end users. 
  • We turn around most project quotes the same business day. 
  • We stock enough materials to build over 20,000 mirrors on any given day — so you don’t have to stock on inventory.



Pictured: Easy Frame- 840WV

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Stay On Trend With Custom Specialty Mirrors

Plain, basic mirrors have not changed much from the ones commonly installed in the 1970s and before. People wanted practicality, and they got it. 

Today, everywhere you look online or on home improvement shows, you see modern bathrooms prominently include framed mirrors.

Why?.... Because they are essential to complete an upgraded, modern appearance. 

As a result, design-oriented homeowners, home builders, architects, and multi-family developers are requesting framed mirrors for their projects. And with over 150 framed mirror options, plus our customized solutions, your customers will be happy, 100% of the time.


Pictured: Classic Frame- 220BLK

Drive Your Sales By Giving Your Customers the Custom Mirrors They Want

Many companies are hesitant to provide their customers what they really want when it comes to offering custom framed mirrors. The reasons are many:

  • Long and unreliable lead times that can cause them to miss construction deadlines
  • The belief that a luxurious look comes with a luxurious price tag
  • Not wanting to buy from a competitor
  • The realization that doing it themselves is labor intensive and expensive
  • The local frame shop is not geared for new construction or remodeling

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Precision Frameworks, we recognize these concerns. This is why we make it easy to offer your customers the customized mirrors they want. We are dedicated to serving businesses installing mirrors, specialty building products, after-paint building products, and Division 8 and Division 10 products.

Pictured: Value Series Frame- 241G


Lightning Fast Quote Turnaround

We understand that you’re busy and that time is money. This is why we strive to provide a quote within the same business day.


Ultra-Reliable Product Lead Times

Our extensive inventory and domestic product sourcing enable us to consistently ship on-time and complete.  Giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Extensive Framed Mirror Options

Everyone has different tastes, wants, and budgets. This is why we offer over 150 framed mirror options— so you can satisfy nearly every customer's request.

At Precision Frameworks, we are the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom framed mirrors for new home constructions, multi-family developments, hospitality, and MRO industries. Our product lineup includes custom-sized framed mirrors, LED, oval, round, radius corner, and pivot mirrors. 

We believe in the importance of supporting our dealers in many ways, including:

  • Joint builder and architect sales calls
  • Marketing support — displays, literature, and samples
  • Sales and product knowledge training

We are grateful for our partnerships and market-leading dealers nationwide, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you can provide customized framed mirrors to your customers — on time and on budget.


Pictured: FC-30G

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